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I am Namrata, a twenty something travel enthusiast who likes exploring different cultures, is mildly obsessed with shopping and allergic to exercise. I am originally from India but live in Singapore now. I did not travel much until my 20’s (discounting the numerous moves I made with my family and the ones I made for education), but now I know I was just waiting for the perfect travel partner – my husband Sid.

This little place on the internet was born out of my desire to document all the wonderful adventures I have had, and will continue to embark on with Sid. We make a great team – I scour the internet for reviews and information while Sid does the bookings, I make travel plans and lists while Sid does the paperwork for our visas (we travel on Indian passports which is a form of medieval torture when it comes to travelling), I plan and pack my suitcases days in advance while he makes sure I pack his stuff too – you get the drill :).

If I had to categorize ourselves, I would say we are neither backpackers nor luxury travellers, we fit somewhere in between in terms of budget. But we indulge ourselves when we want to. Our main goal when travelling is to absorb the culture of the place, experience local food and ways of life, learn about the history of the land and make memories. Travelling has made us better people – more patient, better informed, less judgemental and introspective. It has also occasionally pushed us out of our comfort zone 😉 and there is not a single day when I don’t dream about travelling to a new place.

Fun fact: We are vegetarians which means we have to really do our research when it comes to food while travelling. I hope my fellow comrades in the vegetarian army will benefit from this blog.

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Last updated: August 2015.

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